Episode 6: Andy Pantoja, Consultant

28 year old Andy Pantoja lives in Manhattan in New York City and works as a Consultant at CFGI, which is a unique and highly specialized financial consulting firm that is strategically positioned to help companies through a range of routine and complex business scenarios. We get into some pretty deep stuff in this episode... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: US Army Officer Paul Peterson

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram @mindyourmajor! Paul Peterson is a West Point Military Academy Graduate and currently is an Officer in the US Army. As of this interview he was stationed in Honduras as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and works in HR. Not your typical office... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Chris Da Silva, CPA

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here! Chris Da Silva, CPA is a 29 year old Manager at Ernst and Young in San Jose, California. He attended Columbia University for his undergrad and earned his Masters in Accounting at University of Southern California (USC) in one short year. In this conversation we cover how the... Continue Reading →

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