Episode 2: James Fish III



James Fish III is Financial Analyst for Triago, a French based Private Equity Advisory firm. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY. His natural sense of humor and his happiness really come through in the interview (could possibly be fueled by the beers!), which in my mind is reason enough to listen and become inspired! This chap is a hard worker and keeps a great perspective and attitude on life. In the interview, we touch on many topics:


-Being an only child, the positives and negatives.
-Going to an all boys Jesuit high school.
-Leading by example. The quote “Preach the Gospel, and, if necessary, use your words” stuck with him in all aspects of life.
-Earning scholarships to attend a private university. It is not as expensive as you think!
-How and why he chose finance as a major over economics. How the two compare.
-What is was like to be on the Varsity Crew team and balance a full course load.
-Not having a job lined up after graduation like all of his high achieving friends did. Things take time!
-How he landed his first “unsexy” job by leveraging his network.
-What a “Credit Analyst” actually does on a day to day basis.
-Advantages of working for a small bank at his first job.
-Growing Pains: gaining confidence talking to customers and using the company’s brand as his reputation.
-Goal planning: setting 1 year and 5 year plans and incorporating them into career choices. General goal setting guidelines.
-“Where is the Mecca of my industry?” GO THERE!**
-His interview process in NYC, while living in Cali. James had to adjust his own expectations as he worked towards his goal of working in finance in NYC. See how this can help you stay positive.
-James found a friend with a similar goal and they helped each other by becoming accountability partners and motivators. Don’t have anyone you know to help you with this? Check out stickk. They will help hold you accountable to your goals!
-A hilarious story about how he found his niche within his company and how he leverages it and builds confidence from it.
-What its like to work within a company that is based in another country and is full of people whose second language is English.
-Big City Life! Noise, energy, keeping his head down and doing his own thing.
-The people in his company company are motivated, which really helps motivate him. “You don’t have to be friends with the first people you meet.”
-We both talk about eliminating negative relationships in our lives and really fostering the positive ones.
-“Your first job is the hardest one you’ll get.”
-His thoughts on reading more and a book recommendation of “Anti- Fragile” by Nassim Taleb.
-His general advice of leveraging your network and stepping outside of your comfort zone.


The audio quality is a bit shabby in the beginning, but it improves once we get about 15 minutes in. Please leave any questions and comments in the comments section. Enjoy!!

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