Episode 3: Andrew Cheng



Andrew Cheng is a 30 year old manager in Financial Operations Consulting at the New York City branch of Connor Group, which is a consulting company for rapidly growing pre-IPO companies. Andrew is a very well spoken and educated individual. I really admire how he keeps an even keel in all situations. He has worked at multiple companies around the US, is from Canada, and was born in Hong Kong. In the conversation we cover multiple topics including:


-What its like growing up in an Asian Canadian family and dealing with the extremely high value placed on education. This an intriguing scholarly article describing the parental influence on Asian American/Canadian’s educational and vocational outcomes: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/appsych/opus/issues/2013/fall/poon


-The MASSIVE VALUE of having a Big 4 Accounting firm on your resume. Check out this blog article about the pros and cons of working for a Big 4 company: http://big4playbook.com/accounting/big-4-pros-cons/


-The value of staying positive in a negative work situation because you never know where the connections you make will come in handy throughout your career. Listening to Andrew describe how his connections came back around to land him 2 of his jobs really resonates this point.


-Interviewing tips and how to deal with perceived “Job-Hopping” on your resume. Andrew had bounced around to multiple jobs and describes how to approach these inevitable questions that come up regarding this in interviews. Here is a basic article that describes the general approach you should take: https://www.thebalance.com/job-hopper-resume-tips-4025412


-His visa situation as a Canadian citizen. There is no excuse not to follow your dreams if you want to work in the US for any amount of time as a Canadian. Check out this article if you are a Canadian looking to work in the US: http://canadiansinusa.com/Working-in-the-US/index.html


-How Andrew maintains such a positive relationship with his family. He really appreciates how they drove him to be successful and helped pay for his tuition. In the end he chose to allow this to motivate him to do better and he now understands why his parents were pushing him so hard in the first place.


-You will notice Andrew and I discuss the overall benefits of a positive attitude in the workplace and in life! I like listening to this conversation because there are concrete examples of how this can pay off for you.


-Enjoy! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with myself or Andrew, please reach out via comments on this post.


You can either be the author of your life or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours!!!


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