Episode 4: Chris Da Silva, CPA

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Chris Da Silva, CPA is a 29 year old Manager at Ernst and Young in San Jose, California. He attended Columbia University for his undergrad and earned his Masters in Accounting at University of Southern California (USC) in one short year. In this conversation we cover how the value of education in his family and his competitive environment helped push him to succeed, the art of bullshitting, leveraging your educational background when it doesn’t seemingly relate to your field, how to live in the moment and be engaged, how teaching really helps you learn, the value of a Big 4 firm structure, what the best slice of pizza in NYC is, and how Chris feeds off of others’ energy to maintain his own and really push him to the next level. Chris is a very warm and engaging person. Listen to Chris’ engagement in the conversation. Even though this was over skype, he makes you feel like you are sitting right next to him. Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section, and enjoy the show!


-Check out the one year Masters of Accounting program at USC here.

-According to Chris, the best slice of  late night pizza in NYC comes from Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.

-Sharing knowledge, specifically teaching, has helped Chris learn throughout his education and career. Check out this concise article on why teaching helps you learn.

-“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

-Big 4 accounting firms, including Ernst and Young, have system that encourages constant learning and teaching. This environment helps you understand concepts quickly and continue to solidify them by sharing them with colleagues. Chris has stayed with his company because of this. When looking for a job, find a culture that suits you and pushes you to excel.

-When working long days and weeks, Chris always makes time to decompress and relax, even if its only for a half hour before bed. Here is an interesting article from The Wall Street Journal with some tips on how to transition to being relaxed and happy at home.

-Chris shares some good advice to those going through college and beginning their career. A quick synopsis: Be confident. Trim the fat. Stay well rounded. Have fun, but remember you can’t do it all.

-Check out Chris’ linkedin profile here.

-Enjoy! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with myself or Chris, please reach out via comments on this post.


Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here!

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