Episode 8: Tesla Manager and House Flipper Marcus Schwab

28 year old Marcus Schwab is a former showroom manager at Tesla Motors and is currently flipping a house for profit with his bare hands!

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This interview was SO MUCH FUN for me. We get into meditation, personal health and wellness, how he took his time In today’s episode, we get deep. Marcus reveals what it took to move up the Tesla ranks quickly and the physical toll it took on his body. We get into his coping mechanisms, the role of mediation in his life, his specific goal systems, and he opens up about the struggles he has gone through, and finally what he is working on now. Please enjoy the show and leave any comments on the post!

-Marcus and I sat on his parents’ patio in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

-We drank La Croix, which is by far my favorite sparkling beverage that contains zero sugar, sodium, or sweeteners.

-Athletics have played a monumental role in Marcus’ life. He excelled at Cross Country in High School. “Our sport is everyone else’s punishment” says Marcus. In college, he was a stand out rower. The mental and physical challenge and discipline involved in both of these sports is extremely valuable and applicable to life. Additionally, they almost force meditation to get through long endurance training sessions.

Santa Clara University and Oregon State University were Marcus’ two final choices for college. He ended up choosing Santa Clara because of the better weather and because it is located in the innovation capital of the world, Silicon Valley.

-Marcus started in the engineering school, switched to business, only to switch back to engineering. He chose engineering because he knew this degree would separate himself in the business world. Listen as we talk about how he knew he could teach himself most of the business stuff but almost none of the technical engineering material without classes to guide him. He graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 5 years.

-Helping start a fraternity on campus his sophomore year was an extremely beneficial decision for Marcus. Listen throughout as he refers to his experiences as the House Manager and what he learned, but more importantly the deep connections he made. This isn’t for everyone (it was not for me), but check out this article on Business Insider about the benefits of joining a fraternity.

-Marcus constantly strives for excellence. So much so that it has driven him to unhealthy and downright scary moments at 2 different phases of his life. Check out this cautionary tale of burnout from Tim Ferriss’ blog here.

-Meditation has played a pivotal role in Marcus’ dealing with stress, burnout, and life in general. Listen as he talks about his mediation technique. He also reccommends checking out Headspace to start out on your journey. Mindfulness is a common theme among successful people. The sooner you start accepting this, the sooner you will perform better.

-“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is one of the books that helped Marcus shape his life. I also strongly recommend buying and reading this book. It will change your perspective on money and life overall.

-Marcus took a 6 week trip to Guam to surf, read, and to help shape what he wanted to do with his life.

-Tesla is still growing fast, and always hiring.

-When Marcus was offered a prize for selling the most Teslas in his branch, he instead asked his manager for the titles of his favorite books. What a move! Try this out the next time you get a chance, it will really impress your manager/mentor.

-When deciding on what position to take, Marcus asked himself a few questions:

1. What is the position that will give me the most options?
2. Where is the most potential growth?
3. Where will I learn the most?

-Being mobile was a huge key to Marcus’ success as a young professional with Tesla. He moved 6 times in 3 years for jobs all within the same company!

-Other books Marcus refers to:
-“Good to Great” by Jim Collins
-“The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership” by Liker and Convis

-Other advice and quotes:

-Find your happiness formula, then make it a ritual. Marcus meditates, writes out what will make him happy, and reviews his goals constantly. He also talks about the role of visualization in his drive towards success.
-Always ask, “What else can I do?” and request feedback.
-Discipline is a greater tool than will power.

-Follow Marcus’ housing flip project on instagram: @kwppyouthrealestateinvestment2
-Find Marcus on LinkedIn here.

Questions? Comments? Reach out!

Always remember, you can either be the author of your life, or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours!

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    1. Hi Lisa! Marcus recommends starting out with a guided app like HEADSPACE (its a free download on itunes). The 10 minute guided meditation helps you to understand meditation and is kind of like having a personal trainer guide you through a workout. I personally use headspace, especially if I have not meditated in a while or when my mind is RACING. Similar to physical exercise, mental exercise takes practice. Marcus is at the point where he can wake up and meditate for 30 minutes unguided first thing in the morning. I do not recommend jumping right into this, as it would be like trying to run 15 miles without ever jogging! Start with headspace and then find what works for you as you move along in your mental exercise journey. Let me know if you have any further questions, and Namaste!


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