Episode 10: Norwegian Business Consultant and Marathon Competitor Magnus Hasseleid

Magnus Hasseleid, Norwegian Investment Strategy Advisor and competitive marathon runner joins us as our first international conversation! As we go through his path from the military to university and his career, we touch on some important topics. Creating your own luck by putting yourself out there and working hard, focusing on your strengths and understanding your weakness while being transparent about both, the role of social skills in the business world, learning you don’t want to do something by trying out many things and the value of studying abroad (again!). The second half takes us into his world of training for marathons and the nutrition and mentality that go along with this crazy hobby! Magnus ran a marathon in 2 hours and 51 minutes (that is a 6:31/mile pace!!!!) and his best 10k is 35:20 (5:42 Pace) just to give you an idea of where he is at. We get into fitting this “hobby” into his busy life, work/life balance, and finally his advice for all of you.
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-Magnus joins from Kragerø, Norway where he was born and raised.
-At the age of 18, Magnus joined the Norwegian Special Operations Command as a paratrooper. A portion of his 2 years of service was spend in Afghanistan. While he learned a lot about himself through the mental and physical challenges involved with being in the Special Forces, his biggest takeaway was that he did not want to be in the military his entire life. So, he left and went to University at the Norwegian Business School.
-He was expected to be creative, as his father is a photographer, so he took up marketing as a major. He struggled through undergrad, but found himself while getting his masters in Strategic Marketing Management. It took patience and hard work to find what he liked, but he never gave up and trusted the process.
-While he would take up a different major if he could do it all over, he tells us that if you learn you don’t want to do something, you’re still learning something.
-Magnus studied abroad at the Tec de Monterrey, which is where we met in 2010. Listen as he references how beneficial this was to him throughout the conversation. Every person who has studies abroad on this show raves about it, so find a way to do it!
-After joining the Management Consulting Club on campus, he was ultimately introduced to his first employer: Qvartz, a Norwegian consulting firm. He landed this job while still in school because he was PROACTIVE and put himself out there by joining a club and initiating conversations with employers. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and watch the benefits.
-His next and current position, which allows him to have a much better work/life balance, is as a Strategy and Investment Advisor for a family owned holding company. He was offered a position here after working on one of their projects at his previous job. You never know who will notice you, so put in the work and improve your life.
-Magnus knows his strengths and weakness. One of my biggest takeaways from this conversation was to be transparent about this and communicate with whomever you are working with to set the expectation level and to avoid surprises.
-Magnus is an insane runner. He has ran a marathon in 2 hours and 51 minutes and a 10k in 35:20. We geek out on his training plans, nutrition, and some equipment.
-Running is a social sport, it requires planning, it is easy to track progress, and seeing results is very satisfying to Magnus. Additionally, his wife is a competitive 5k racer (top 10 in Norway!) which keeps him logging miles.
-He uses the Garmin 910XT currently as a lightweight watch for running.
-He was wearing the Fenix 5X when I spoke with him, but its too big for racing.
Strava is his preferred statistical app for tracking runs.
-His nutrition plan starts a couple of weeks before a race. He quits the coffee, begins drinking water so his urine is always clear, and eats light meals such as chicken and pasta. With his amount of training, getting enough food is crucial so he needs all food groups to replenish and recover. He also quits drinking carnbonated beverages. Before a race, he will take caffeine pills which are a safe, cheap, non stomach bothering alternative to coffee. I use these as well and highly recommend them. Right before and during a long race, he drinks powerade to keep his blood sugar up. Post race, he takes Red Beet Shots to help aid recovery.
-For most, the toughest part of running is the mental part. Listen as Magnus discusses his positive self talk to get him to the finish line.
-Goals are huge part of Magnus’ success in life. Listen to what they do for him and how they help him prioritize his life. “You have time if you really want it (unless you have kids)”- Magnus
-Near the end, one of Magnus’ friends comes in the door for a BBQ. Listen to him speak Norwegian, its an awesome language to listen to!
-Magnus’ advice for training for a marathon for the first time: Don’t forget to do speed training. Always vary your sessions with long and slow pace jogs, interval training, and speed training for maximum performance.
-His final advice is to be proactive, know your strengths, ask questions, show your face, study abroad, and that you will NEVER, EVER regret hard work.
If you would like to get in touch with myself or Magnus, please leave a comment on the blog post.
Thanks and always remember, you can either be the author of your life or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours!

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