Episode 11: Co-founder of Seismic Brewing Sir Patrick Delves

Patrick Delves, Director of Sustainability and Logistics at Seismic Brewing Company joins us on this episode.


-Pat joins us from the emerging beer hub of Santa Rosa, CA where he lives with his wife Julia.

-Pat moved around a lot as a child, spending his formative years in Chicago and 3 years of high school in the small ski town of Telluride, CO.
-While attending Santa Clara University, Pat worked as a Community Facilitator (CF) which is commonly known as a Resident Advisor (RA). Pat took this job seriously and he gained soft skills and built experience by doing this. Is being an RA right for you?

-Pat’s professor of Business 101 told him, “This (Business Major) probably isn’t for you.” This drove Pat to take it on as a major and he graduated with a Management Degree,

-Spending a semester in New Zealand through a NOLS course was one of the most important experiences of Pat’s life. Reducing possessions and living off the land brought his perspective back to the important things in life and re centered him. Reducing your life to the basics helps you realize you don’t need a lot to be happy!

-Another huge factor for Pat while in school was his mentor, Alex. He learned the importance of asking questions and recognizing when others are willing to help you. If you have an opportunity to talk to a mentor, USE IT! Nothing bad comes out of it.

-Once it was time to find a job, Pat took a “safe” or “good” job with a tech start up as a customer service rep. He quickly learned it wasn’t for him and this turned into one of the darkest times of his life. Listen as he talks about how he worked out of this by reading books such as 20 Something ManifestoRoad Trip Nation, and Wild at Heart, and reaching out to others.

-After much introspection, Pat took a job in Wine Sales with Regal Wine Co. in Sacramento, CA. Although this didn’t go as well as he hoped from the start, he persevered and ended up on the production side of things where he felt more at home.

-Eventually Pat took a job on the production side of a brewery, and he immediately knew this is where he belonged.

-After working and learning the beer industry, Pat had a conversation with an old college roommate that ended in “We should start a brewery.” Well, they did just that.

-While starting the brewery, Pat took a part time job at Whole Foods. This was a smart move for multiple reasons. 1. He collected a paycheck and could pay rent. 2. This job could be left at work and he had plenty of energy while away from work to focus on starting the brewery. 3. He was still surrounding himself with craft brew and sustainability at Whole Foods, and environment that their brewery was striving for. 4. It helped him check his ego and stock shelves and realize who he was at his core.

-Seismic Brewing was born in Santa Rosa, CA. They are a production brewery now, with plans for a full tasting room! Check them out @ www.seismicbrewingco.com.

-Pat recommends journaling and being vulnerable with others when going through hard times. Ask for advice. Be open and honest.

-“Follow Your Passion” is B.S. Rather, bring your passion with you wherever you go!

-“Beer is the Ultimate Equalizer” -Pat Delves

If you would like to get in touch with myself or Pat, please leave a comment on the blog post.

Thanks and always remember, you can either be the author of your life or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours!

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