Episode 12: Trailside Kitchen Chef/Owner Julia Delves

27 year old Entrepreneur Julia Delves lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband Pat. She owns and operates Trailside Kitchen, a food and nutrition resource that helps adventurers get the best experience outside through food, both on the trail and at home. This includes a 4-week nutrition program for strength training or cardio endurance focused activities, free recipes and education, as well as selling a Dark Drinking Chocolate with Grass Fed Collagen.

This episode is brought to you by 2 Sonoma County based companies. Before I tell you about them, I want to raise some awareness of what happened in the past weeks in this area of the country…The recent fires in Northern California are now being considered one of the worst disasters in California history. Over 220,000 acres have been burned, 5,700 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and the death toll is currently at 40 and rising, making it the deadliest fire in California history. While the community is still reeling from the destruction and loss, residents of Northern California have banded together and are supporting one another in truly inspiring ways. The containment numbers are looking promising, but it will be a long time before this region of California can return to normal. It will take years before clean-up and rebuilding efforts are complete. 

Some of you may be wondering, “How can I help these folks?” If you are interested in helping, please consider donating to the Trailside Kitchen Santa Rosa Fire Donation fund. Trailside Kitchen guarantees that 100% of the funds donated get to the people in immediate need. If you are able to make a donation, head over to www.trailsidekitchen.com/santa-rosa-fire-donation/ and donate whatever amount you are comfortable with. As a bonus, you can also purchase some Trailside Kitchen Dark Drinking Chocolate with Grass Fed Collagen or a Trailside Kitchen 4-week nutrition program for active outdoor people with 100% of the proceeds going towards the fire donation. Folks, I just had some of the Dark Drinking Chocolate with my coffee, and it is freaking delicious! It is perfect for a snack or as a post exercise beverage to help you recover at your peak. Head over to www.trailsidekitchen.com/santa-rosa-fire-donation/ and consider making a donation to help some folks in need today. Once again, that web address is www.trailsidekitchen.com/santa-rosa-fire-donation/.


Seismic Brewing Company is located in the heart of Sonoma County, California where they are supplying high-quality and delicious brews to the masses, and doing so in a way that honors and protects their local community and environment. Seismic beers are available at watering holes and stores all over the Northern California area, so check some out today! And as always, please drink responsibly. Seismic Brewing Company – Brewed to a greater magnitude! www.seismicbrewingco.com


Trailside Kitchen helps adventurers get the best experience outside through food, both on the trail and at home. This includes a 4-week nutrition program for strength training or cardio endurance focused activities, free recipes and education, as well as selling a Dark Drinking Chocolate with Grass Fed Collagen – perfect to mix into your coffee for added protein and fat if you’re accidentally missing breakfast or to optimize your recovery time post exercise. www.trailsidekitchen.com




-Julia comes from a very hospitable family and the sense of community she experienced through this stuck with her once she graduated high school and moved away from home. For her, she found food is a great way to bring people together and this has been the source of her passion for cooking.

-College is different for everyone. For Julia, it included working in multiple fields of her major (nutrition). She wanted to hone in on her niche within the nutrition field sooner rather than later. This proved very advantageous, as she was able to explore international nutrition, hospitals, and food bank and school nutrition programs all before graduating. If she had waited to explore her options until after graduation, she may have gave up after a few years as the need for a steady paycheck and stability becomes more pressing.
Work/volunteer in a field you are interested in while you have the time and eagerness to learn. College is a great time to sell yourself as willing and with a huge upside to companies. Get out there and find what you like (or don’t like) sooner rather than later!

-After graduating college, Julia was lined up to begin a nutritional internship at the prestigious Northwestern University in her hometown of Chicago, Ill. At this point, she did some reflecting and realized she was heading down the path of what was expected from her, rather than making her own path and following what she really loved. She found a program that spoke to her true self at Bauman College. Within a week, she packed everything she owned into her car and headed to California with $600 and ambitions of becoming a cheesemaker. What a leap!!

-Notice how whenever Julia is interested in something, she finds a way to spend time and learn about it. Cooking in others’ kitchens, volunteering at cheese events and food banks, etc. There are no excuses not to explore something that piques your interest. Each time she tried something new, she learned something unexpected from it as well.

“Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: Intentions” -Jordan Belfort

-Listen as we discuss some of the most challenging and rewarding parts of entrepreneurship.

-Julia had a plan to move back to Colorado after a few years in the Bay Area. This all changed when she reconnected and married her high school sweetheart Pat Delves. They ended up moving to Santa Rosa where Pat was involved in starting a brewery. Moving for someone does not have to be a sacrifice, it can be a huge opportunity for yourself as well. With this outlook, Julia went on to start Trailside Kitchen.

-If you are interested in learning about optimal nutrition for outdoor adventures, some of her favorite snacks to bring outdoors, and what collagen protein is and its amazing benefits, take a listen in around the 30 minute mark. We nerd out for a bit here!

-Julia’s ideal domestic trip is a hiking, climbing, and backpacking trip to Bishop, CA.

-Julia and Pat use the Wunderlist App to help manage their busy lives and keep things on track.

-Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: Do what you want! Feeling unstable about it is part of it. Embrace it. Also, don’t follow the money because it will never work out. If you never got paid a dime to do this, would you still do it?

-Julia was nice enough to offer to answer any questions you may have about anything under the sun. You can email her directly at julia@trailsidekitchen.com. Check out their website www.trailsidekitchen.com, give them a follow on Instagram @trailside.kitchen and follow them on their Facebook page as well!

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