Episode 13: International Account Manager for Zing Toys LTD Levin Nelson

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Levin Nelson, International Account Manager for Zing Toys LTD joins us from Hong Kong for episode 13. In this conversation we cover Levin’s journey from Seattle to Boulder to Buenos Aires to Portland to Hong Kong and the action in between!


Some highlights include how bartending under the table in Buenos Aires turned out to be one of the best moves he could have made for his career and life in general, how he convinced his girlfriend to move to Hong Kong with him, the anchor role martial arts has played in his life, why he recorded and paid a tutor to listen to his sales calls (and what cuss word he learned he was saying to his potential clients), how you can find a job that suits your lifestyle, some of his favorite dishes from around the world, some awesome advice towards the end about how to learn and grow as a young adult that I could not agree with more, and the two words he strives to live his life with: GRATITUDE AND ATTITUDE. Also, one quick hilarious sidenote: Levin had this conversation while on the rooftop of his apartment and it ended around 11:30 his time. His phone died, and he got locked out of his apartment. After trying to pick the lock for about an hour, he ended up sleeping on his rooftop that night until his girlfriend found him the next morning! Now thats dedication! Haha Thanks Levin!!





-Levin did this interview on his rooftop in Lamma Island, a short ferry ride from Hong Kong.

-Levin works in sales and marketing for Zing Toys.


-In order to get into the university he wanted, and then again for the Creative Advertising program once in school, Levin needed to produce profound Admission letters. Check out these Admission Application Letter Tips.


-There are always pros and cons of attending an out of state school.


Get your TEFL in 4 weeks and begin teaching English abroad.


-Levin recommends conveying unique experiences on your resume to set up something fun to chat about in interviews. Every job interview he has done his experience in Argentina has been brought up and this ended up separating himself from the rest of the candidates. An interviewer is a human too, and wants to talk about interesting topics just like you!


-Levin practices Wing Chun, a form of Kung Fu. He uses it for meditation, exercise, stress release, and focus.


-“If you go to 5 Brazilian Jujitsu classes, you will win 80% of street fights.”


-Levin’s dad cofounded a toy company, and introduced him to a friend that hired him based on his creative background in college.


-Hired on the spot, picked up and moved to Portland for the opportunity.


-Levin translated emails from Spanish speakers at his new job. Upper Management caught wind of this and hired him full time sales for their Latin America region. The applicable language skills he learned while bartending in Argentina helped him immensely here.


-Levin was saying “Dale” to his clients, which he learned as “Ok” or “Awesome”. But in most of Latin America this means “Fuck Yeah!” This lead to some awkward phone conversations to say the least!!


-He began recording his sales calls in Spanish and hired a tutor to review them with him. He worked his ass off to get better at his job.


-Levin was very flexible in his living arrangements, which turned out to be an asset for him in the eyes of the company he worked for. For him, it was easy. He loves to change scenery and keep moving forward.


-Recognize who you are, and turn it into an asset. Get into a company that will allow/want you to move/travel. This company flies Levin around the world and he gets paid to travel (not to mention racks up the airline miles).
Some of Levin’s favorite dishes from around the world:


-Crema de Papaya from Sao Paolo, Brazil




-Asado in Argentina




-German sausage from Nuremberg




-Find out how he convinced girlfriend to move across the world with him.\


-Levin’s general life philosophy is “Gratitude and Attitude”.


-Why he dropped the TV and Video games and now reads entrepreneurial books, listens to podcasts, and generally values his time more.
   –Amazing Seller Podcast
   –How I Built This Podcast
   -“Four Hour Workweek” Book by Tim Ferriss


-Advice to Sophomore in College self:
    -Try and fail more. Failures are assets.


-Advice to 24 Year old self:
    -Read more books!


-Educate yourself outside of school people. Find what you are into, and learn about it. There is so much affordable/free profound wisdom out there right now to you, there are no excuses!




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