Episode 14: How to be Married, be an Entrepreneur, and Kick Ass at Both! With Patrick and Julia Delves

Whats Up! Welcome to Episode 14 with Pat and Julia Delves. We get into married life today, including some applicable strategies and apps to help your marriage run smooth alongside your crazy busy lives.

This episode is brought to you by Seismic Brewing Company, where one of our guests today Patrick currently acts as the Director of Sustainability and Logistics. Seismic Brewing Company is located in the heart of Sonoma County, California where they are supplying high-quality and delicious brews to the masses, and doing so in a way that honors and protects their local community and environment. Seismic beers are available at watering holes and stores all over the Northern California area, so check some out today! And as always, please drink responsibly. Seismic Brewing Company – Brewed to a greater magnitude! www.seismicbrewingco.com

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First we get nice and sappy with Pat and Julia’s Love Story (awwwww).

They have some great pointers on planning your wedding and the wedding day. Focus on what you want, its your day!

Julia recently sold her company Trailside Kitchen and took a position as the Digital Marketing Manager for Natural Force, which provides Handcrafted Nurtrition for Clean Living. She touches on what the experience was like selling her company and switching gears.

Pat remains the Director of Sustainability and Logistics at Seismic Brewing Co., which he co-founded with a friend from college.

What does it take to be in a relationship with an entrepreneur? What if you are both entrepreneurs?! Pat and Julia discuss.

“Your job security is in your ability and your skill set, not in the title of your position” -Julia Delves

These two have scheduled marriage meetings to make sure they are on the same page and are staying on top of things. I love the idea! Pat discovered this from this article on the Art of Manliness website. Check it out!

They also use the following apps to help optimize their marriage:
Wunderlist for shared to do lists.
Quicken for finances.

Julia loves to cook, and Pat finds cleaning meditative. Soo, Julia cooks and Pat does the dishes! A happy marriage can be simple 🙂

Pat’s favorite meal is Julia’s Tortilla Soup/Posole. I’m looking up flights to go try this it sounds amazing.

Last fall, Northern California experienced extreme fires and losses from these. Pat and Julia were in the thick of it and even had to evacuate their home at 4 A.M. when the fire was 1 mile from their house. They share with us this experience, and how they founds some good in a devastating situation. In fact, Julia was able to raise $5700 through her business to help rebuild Anova School which is a school for Autistic children. Powerful stuff.

Finally, the lovebirds share their advice to younger couples, especially those who are entrepreneurial. Listen up! Cause these two have figured it out and have lived it.

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