Episode 15: How to Become a Personal Trainer, Make a Career Move, and Follow Your Passions

This episode is a little different. I recently made a huge career switch, and I want to share my thoughts about the entire process and specifically what it takes to become a personal trainer and get paid to share your passion with others.

The 3 main Certified Personal Training Certifications are through NSCAACE, and NASM. They are each a little different but will get you in the door as a personal trainer.

Best Self Co. SELF Journal is the best goal setting/planner tool I have come across. It helps you create tangible goals and strategies to achieve them. Find it on amazon here.

You can purchase the NSCA Essentials of Personal Training 2nd Edition here. All of the information on the exam is in this book. You can also purchase it through NSCA along with study guides and questions, which I found to be worth it because you can get a feel for the style and layout of the questions. Get this directly from NSCA here.

I used Tests.com to practice and go through dozens of different questions to prepare. It is cheap and worth it.

Check out the amazon study guide I made to help me study here!

Do you have questions about personal training, fitness, health, or anything else? I am here for you! Comment below, DM me on Insta or Facebook, or email me!

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