Mind Your Major is your resource for career and lifestyle advice as you go through college and your early career years. We interview real life people with real life jobs and dissect what it took to get them there, how they maintain it, and what they are working towards. Confused? Welcome to the club. We are here to clear some of that up and to provide a network for you to not only work through this, but to come out on top!

You can either be the author of your life, or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours.

McNaughtonHey Everybody! I’m Nick. I am 27 and I currently live in Whitefish, Montana. I went to Santa Clara University for one and a half years before transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder where I graduated in December 2010. Like countless others, college was a struggle for me. But not on the academic side. The social life and anxiety of what I should do after college weighed on me and put me through waves of depression and anxiety. I ended up over loading my schedule and graduating early so I could just be done with it. I majored in Business Management, studied in Monterrey, Mexico for a semester, and left school at 21 with a basic degree and ZERO idea of what I wanted to do. I started and ran a landscaping business in the summers of college, and even launched a small clothing company to get a taste of the entrepreneurial world. I had the support of friends, family, and mentors. What I didn’t know is that I wasn’t optimizing my time at college. I looked at it as a chore instead of an opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, classes can be really tough and the work is tedious. But in my mind, the real value of college is the network at your disposal. The amount of programs, mentors, professors, and other students just waiting for you to reach out and get a conversation going is endless. I wanted to do it on my own. I let my ego get in the way. I made excuses. I watched as others began to merge their hard work with their networks and succeed. College is a time to explore and be vulnerable so that you can understand yourself and others!

Since graduating, I have lived in San Jose, CA, Jackson, WY, Breckenridge, CO, Lake Tahoe, CA, Bellingham, WA, Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA, Sedona, AZ and Whitefish, MT and have worked at desk jobs, countless service jobs, door to door sales jobs (that one only lasted a week), for family businesses, a Fortune 500 company, the list goes on. All in search for “the job/city that suits me best”. As it turns out, you are in control of your happiness. Although your location and your job can be huge factors, ultimately it is up to you and what you make of your situation.

With an entirely new perspective at 27, I want to share with you people’s stories. How they got where they are today. What they did to set themselves up for success. How they began to understand who they are, or who they are not. The purpose of Mind Your Major is for people like you to casually listen to others’ stories and takeaway one or maybe a couple of insights from each person and apply it to your life. I want you to understand what it takes to work in Finance in Manhattan or how to get into the fashion industry with no background. The lessons here can be applied you your life on so many levels. So listen, reflect, and ask questions. We are here to help you!


“You can either be the author of your life, or the victim of it. Every day the choice is yours!”

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