Episode 15: How to Become a Personal Trainer, Make a Career Move, and Follow Your Passions

This episode is a little different. I recently made a huge career switch, and I want to share my thoughts about the entire process and specifically what it takes to become a personal trainer and get paid to share your passion with others. The 3 main Certified Personal Training Certifications are through NSCA, ACE, and NASM. They are... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: International Account Manager for Zing Toys LTD Levin Nelson

Check us out on:   Facebook @mindyourmajor and Instagram @mindyourmajor   -This episode is brought to you by Veggie Noodle Co. You can eat 'em raw, sauteed as alternative to pasta, sauced, sidelined, in a salad, or as a soup! Their USDA certified organic veggies are good for the environment and for any possible diet! I tried their... Continue Reading →

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