Episode 14: How to be Married, be an Entrepreneur, and Kick Ass at Both! With Patrick and Julia Delves

Whats Up! Welcome to Episode 14 with Pat and Julia Delves. We get into married life today, including some applicable strategies and apps to help your marriage run smooth alongside your crazy busy lives. This episode is brought to you by Seismic Brewing Company, where one of our guests today Patrick currently acts as the... Continue Reading →

Episode 12: Trailside Kitchen Chef/Owner Julia Delves

27 year old Entrepreneur Julia Delves lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband Pat. She owns and operates Trailside Kitchen, a food and nutrition resource that helps adventurers get the best experience outside through food, both on the trail and at home. This includes a 4-week nutrition program for strength training or cardio endurance focused... Continue Reading →

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