Episode 15: How to Become a Personal Trainer, Make a Career Move, and Follow Your Passions

This episode is a little different. I recently made a huge career switch, and I want to share my thoughts about the entire process and specifically what it takes to become a personal trainer and get paid to share your passion with others. The 3 main Certified Personal Training Certifications are through NSCA, ACE, and NASM. They are... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: How to be Married, be an Entrepreneur, and Kick Ass at Both! With Patrick and Julia Delves

Whats Up! Welcome to Episode 14 with Pat and Julia Delves. We get into married life today, including some applicable strategies and apps to help your marriage run smooth alongside your crazy busy lives. This episode is brought to you by Seismic Brewing Company, where one of our guests today Patrick currently acts as the... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: US Army Officer Paul Peterson

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram @mindyourmajor! Paul Peterson is a West Point Military Academy Graduate and currently is an Officer in the US Army. As of this interview he was stationed in Honduras as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and works in HR. Not your typical office... Continue Reading →

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