Episode 4: Chris Da Silva, CPA

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here! Chris Da Silva, CPA is a 29 year old Manager at Ernst and Young in San Jose, California. He attended Columbia University for his undergrad and earned his Masters in Accounting at University of Southern California (USC) in one short year. In this conversation we cover how the... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Andrew Cheng

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here!     Andrew Cheng is a 30 year old manager in Financial Operations Consulting at the New York City branch of Connor Group, which is a consulting company for rapidly growing pre-IPO companies. Andrew is a very well spoken and educated individual. I really admire how he keeps... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: James Fish III

James Fish III is Financial Analyst for Triago, a French based Private Equity Advisory firm. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY. His natural sense of humor and his happiness really come through in the interview (could possibly be fueled by the beers!), which in my mind is reason enough to listen and become inspired! This chap is a hard worker and keeps a great perspective and attitude on life. In the interview, we touch on many topics such as how to earn scholarships to afford private university, what it is like to graduate without a job, what a "Financial Analyst" actually does day to day, being persistent throughout the interview process, and much much more. Please Enjoy!

Episode 1: Matt Bannister

Matt Bannister is a 30 year old Mechanical Engineer for Fluke Corporation, based out of Everett, WA. He finished his AA (2 year community college degree) and then graduated with an mechanical engineering degree from Central Washington University. He has worked with Fluke for almost 7 years now and loves it. Listen as he talks about how he financed college through federal grants and student loans, his struggles landing a job after his "sure thing" fell through just before graduation, and how his persistence and positive attitude helped him land a job with Fluke, where he has thrived and still works today. We also go into taking advantage of company paid travel, and utilizing your strengths in your industry as a means of sharing your gifts and excelling in whatever you do. Enjoy!

What to do With all that Cash

The "savings" account associated with your bank account is not a real savings account! It would be better named "money I cannot instantly access from an ATM". The interest rate earned on these accounts at most all big banks is .01%. So, if you have $1,000 in your savings account, it will earn 1 cent... Continue Reading →

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