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Turning Postgrad Pressure into Living Life on Your Terms

Landing a Job after college can be one of the most daunting tasks you have faced in your life. The expectations from your peers, your family, and yourself can weigh on you like a ton of bricks. Everyone is in a unique situation after graduating. Some have had jobs lined up since the start of... Continue Reading →

Episode 7: Civil Engineer, Development Manager, and Home Improvement Expert Benjamin Waiss

Ben Waiss joins us in this kickass interview! Ben and I met because we attended the same high school, with him graduating 3 years ahead of me. As we go through Ben's story, you will discover plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies to maximize your time in college and the years after. Included are why... Continue Reading →

Episode 6: Andy Pantoja, Consultant

28 year old Andy Pantoja lives in Manhattan in New York City and works as a Consultant at CFGI, which is a unique and highly specialized financial consulting firm that is strategically positioned to help companies through a range of routine and complex business scenarios. We get into some pretty deep stuff in this episode... Continue Reading →

Episode 5: US Army Officer Paul Peterson

Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram @mindyourmajor! Paul Peterson is a West Point Military Academy Graduate and currently is an Officer in the US Army. As of this interview he was stationed in Honduras as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and works in HR. Not your typical office... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Chris Da Silva, CPA

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here! Chris Da Silva, CPA is a 29 year old Manager at Ernst and Young in San Jose, California. He attended Columbia University for his undergrad and earned his Masters in Accounting at University of Southern California (USC) in one short year. In this conversation we cover how the... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Andrew Cheng

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here!     Andrew Cheng is a 30 year old manager in Financial Operations Consulting at the New York City branch of Connor Group, which is a consulting company for rapidly growing pre-IPO companies. Andrew is a very well spoken and educated individual. I really admire how he keeps... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: James Fish III

James Fish III is Financial Analyst for Triago, a French based Private Equity Advisory firm. He lives and works in Manhattan, NY. His natural sense of humor and his happiness really come through in the interview (could possibly be fueled by the beers!), which in my mind is reason enough to listen and become inspired! This chap is a hard worker and keeps a great perspective and attitude on life. In the interview, we touch on many topics such as how to earn scholarships to afford private university, what it is like to graduate without a job, what a "Financial Analyst" actually does day to day, being persistent throughout the interview process, and much much more. Please Enjoy!

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